When it comes to the mould industry, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are undoubtedly an asset, precisely because of the advantages they bring, such as ensuring that the end result produced is extremely precise; maximising the flexibility of the human resources involved; and leading to significantly reduced costs when compared to traditional machines.

These advantages are thanks, above all, to the rigor and precision achieved with each job. After the machine operator’s initial input, the machine works independently – its accuracy and speed coming into play. The result is consistently excellent finishes and highly accurate parts.

Another feature that should be highlighted is flexibility. An entire CNC machine park can be managed by few people, freeing up a company’s workforce for other tasks, thus reducing both operator fatigue and any possible human errors. The machines only need input at the beginning of the process, all operators need to do after that is simply follow the development of work in progress.

Although the initial investment of purchasing of this type of machinery is high when compared to a traditional machine, you’ll get a much faster return, as well as greater flexibility for you workforce, and faster and more varied, more accurate production than humans could carry out, at a lower production cost.

Whether you use programs to replicate products, or want to quickly configure your machine to design a new product, your investment is always optimised.

Rectimold has long recognised the importance of CNC machines and has invested in its own department of highly competent professionals with extensive experience in the effective management of a machine park.

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