This century can, without a shadow of a doubt, be characterised by the leaps and bounds we’ve taken in terms of modernisation and technological optimisation, but, more than anything else, it can be characterised by a greater awareness of good environmental practices. We have become more conscious of and sensitive to the impact we have on our planet, and, even more, to the impact that the actions we take today will have on our future.

To a large extent, our quality of life improves the more care we take of the environment. This applies to our day-to-day home life, but also to places where we end up spending most of our time: our places of work. We should all, therefore, be more proactive, and begin to truly hold ourselves accountable for playing the important part each of us has.

That is why Rectimold has always been concerned about and sensitive to the actions they can take to preserve the environment, encouraging and motivating all of its employees to do their bit. It is with this aim that the company has, over the years, developed a set of measures that have since been successfully implemented. Read on to find out about some of the most significant ones.


Small measures have been put into practice on a daily basis to reduce waste. Specific examples are: reusing rainwater; periodically monitoring water consumption in the company in order to prevent, or at least identify, possible leaks; installing taps that have a reduced flow of water; and, more recently, providing individual, customized bottles and cups for employees in order to reduce the amount of disposable packaging and cups used.


Whether used for communications, heating and air conditioning or in lighting various rooms, specific measures have been put into place to cut energy usage, such as installing LED lamps.

Office Supplies

Reusing sheets of paper, double-sided printing and copying and sending and using documents electronically rather than printing them are also small habits that all make a difference.

Waste treatment

To avoid water and soil contamination, a factor that has a huge effect on our health, Rectimold takes special care in separating all the waste produced in the company, and making sure it gets properly treated by licensed entities. The use of (absorbent) spill kits also helps the company contain small spills, and strict rules ensure that different chemicals are properly secured and labelled in detention basins. These are only a few of the details the company has taken into account.


Trying to implement greener driving, valuing using less fuel and avoiding emitting polluting gases, as well as optimising travel routes have all been practices that recur regularly in the company.

In fact, caring about the environment continues to be a trend, stirring up deep reflections and contributing to a change in behaviour. Whether to avoid waste or to reduce costs, good environmental practices should be implemented effectively; after all, it is our duty!

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