In Portugal, the mould industry has been built upon decades of tradition. Having begun in the 1940s, it began operating abroad in the following decade, exporting from the 1970s onwards and even reaching over 50 countries in the 1980s. Since then, the industry has seen continuous growth and development.

Portugal ranks as the 8th producer of moulds worldwide and the 3rd in Europe, in large part due to the high investment companies make in the sector, both in terms of the new technologies adopted and in training up a specialised workforce in order to increase its capacity to respond to the demand faced.

The sector depends heavily on the automotive industry, which comprises as much as 80% of the moulds produced. A lack of direction in this particular industry has, however, caused a slowdown in the production of moulds in recent times. This is because car manufacturers have delayed launching new models, as they are faced with new paradigms in the industry (electric, hybrid or combustion cars). This has forced the mould industry to find other solutions, which include producing moulds for other industries, examples being aeronautics, electronics, health and packaging, among others.

Strong competition from Southeast Asia, which has made quality, innovative products available to global consumers at very competitive prices, has affected the Portuguese mould industry.

It is therefore essential that it is able to adapt to the changes faced in the market once again, through investing in factors that will ensure the moulds it produces are of a higher quality and gain international recognition. It shall achieve these goals by investing in technology, in the continuous training of its human resources, in implementing quality systems, and by building excellent relationships with its clients.

The mould industry is undoubtedly very dynamic and comprehensive, having become almost indispensable thanks to the moulds it produces for a huge variety of industries, making it a sector with a bright future.

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