The global pandemic has impacted many commercial areas across the planet, whether directly or indirectly. The mould industry was no exception in terms of the structuring of scheduled operations and projects.

One of the significant current obstacles to the mould industry’s economic and financial development is the forced slowdown in the automotive industry, which saw its production limited as a result of the pandemic. Employees in this specific industry were placed on specific furlough schemes due to low production rates, which also, inevitably, led to employees in the mould sector being furloughed, though not to the same extent. Some companies in the industry are considering branching into other markets in order to continue production and keep their business running, despite the implications such a move could have. Focussing on the European market, rather than maintaining relations with Asian markets, could be a positive measure that is both sustainable and profitable, a move that should be considered by the various companies operating in the area.

The automobile sector was not the only one limited by the pandemic. In fact, every market has felt the effects of the resulting global economic downturn in one way or another, the pandemic having disrupted the planning and working methods of virtually every company worldwide. A prime example is the tourism sector, which is now stagnant as a result of the restrictions put in place by the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health.

During this period, which has been a strain for all, various entities are making efforts to ensure companies‘ safety, productivity, sustainability, and performance. However, the process of adapting to these new circumstances was always going to be a challenge. Rectimold employees also had to adjust, a process that led to routines, working hours and interpersonal relationships altering within the team, a prime display of the spirit of unity among them as they pulled together for the general well-being of the company.

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