In 1989, Rectimold set a new course with the aim of filling several gaps in the mould industry, aiming to add value through quality while stimulating productivity.

In the initial phases, the company dedicated itself to grinding moulds and parts for the automotive, telecommunications, irrigation equipment and electrical components industries, always using the latest technology and a highly specialised workforce. As it grew, it began developing and exporting its own high-precision technical moulds for plastic parts – the start of a long, successful journey.

Correcting flaws in technical moulds is far from an easy task. Doing so requires extra care and meticulous attention to detail to guarantee a successful finish to final products. Precision in the dimensional control of cutting speed parameters and refrigeration quality are fundamental components to achieving this finish, a key process for the company’s employees.

Grinding measures are laid out in the structuring and planning of each project, with previously established correctional methods and objectives being detailed based on a calculated projection to ensure a complete absence of flaws. When the mould is finished and ready for grinding, the processes are adjusted per the details that need correcting.

Whether to make the part more linear and straightforward or adjust the precision of small details, the process requires Rectimold professionals to give their all. Rigour, precision, dedication and high levels of professionalism ensure operational excellence, placing Rectimold a class above other similar companies in the sector.

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