Handling production orders using spreadsheets works to a certain extent, but the bigger the factory, the more complex the task of doing so. Production planning allows companies to schedule and allocate workers, workstations, and raw materials and anticipate and manage work plans.

At Rectimold, production planning is carried out with great care and attention paid to all manufacturing operations. In addition to facilitating the monitoring of all work in progress in real time, it provides several long-term advantages, as it allows for the production process to be traced while ensuring compliance with deadlines, increasing productivity.

Rectimold‘s investment in production planning culminated in the company becoming ISO 9001 certified, meeting a standard that, in addition to increasing productivity and reducing costs, also helps the company land increasingly demanding market opportunities, as many purchasers opt for vendors who have been awarded quality certifications.

Rectimold has been certified as meeting ISO 14001 environmental management standards in recognition of its environmentally friendly practices, especially when it comes to prevention.

In fact, production planning has proved to be crucial in the company’s management. Implementing such practices not only enables the company to present its clients with compliant products and services but also makes it more competitive. Fast adaptability and extreme flexibility have also been critical features for the company’s success.

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