Although they may vary in size, type and degree of complexity, moulds are a part of equipment that aid in the manufacturing process of different parts of a machine. In short, it can be said that a mould consists of two halves that can be adjusted in order to define the volume, or an imprint, of the part that needs to be manufactured.

Given the typology of the moulds designed by Rectimold, these are mostly machined using a Rectifying process such as Erosion.

Electroerosion, which is also known as EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), is a thermal manufacturing process that can be used in various forms: electroerosion penetration and wire erosion. For the former, a preformed or moulded electrode made of copper or graphite is moulded to the exact shape required for the part. The electrode then releases highly controlled electrical charges to points that have been previously established by the cutting program, thus removing micro particles from the electrode and shaping the part into the same shape as the electrode. For the latter, a ring-shaped electrode with the diameter of a needle (or thinner) is controlled by a computer so that it follows a pre-programmed path, cutting a thin groove in order to produce the intended shape.

As they produce electroerosion penetration moulds, Rectimold can manufacture parts that have complex shapes, high-quality surfaces and irregular holes, using just one process. Rectimold can also maintain any part’s original characteristics, so that no tensions are created, as the whole process is automated.

In fact, the erosion department is often praised for its precision and high quality electrode machining. These factors are crucial when it comes to clients signing off on parts quickly. That is why Rectimold has state-of-the-art equipment, machines with robotic systems and electrode and pallet storage capacity, allowing us to work continuously, without the need for an operator. And last but not least, Rectimold’s great deal of experience and knowledge of their own systems ensures extreme levels of accuracy and the finest of finishes.

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