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As society has evolved and technology has developed, injection moulding has been able to establish its position. Now one of the most commonly used methods in the manufacturing process, this technique has thrived thanks to its rigor, it being a process that is made up of several different stages.

Moulds are, without a doubt, crucial when it comes to designing plastic injection projects, which means they form a part of countless everyday objects. In fact, they can be found in almost anything, from packaging, electronics and appliances, to medical equipment and toys, among others.

What are injection moulds?

Injection moulds are used in the manufacturing process and are characterised by the process of injecting material into a closed loop mould. This mould must be designed in a way that works together with the material, respecting its properties as well as those of the parts and moulding machine. Attention is also paid to the material’s lifespan when it’s poured into the mould, ensuring that all possible factors have been considered.

The use of injection moulds leads to several advantages, including the possibility of designing each project according to the specific needs of each client; fast production; great design flexibility; complete command of colour and size; tougher, more durable parts; and precision in the design of the mould itself. In addition, the injection moulding system was designed to be highly productive – it does not require moulded products to be finished, which means little postproduction waste is produced.

To make a high quality mould, the ideal starting point is a highly skilled workforce and state-of-the-art machinery and technology. However, there are many other aspects that make Rectimold stand out from its competition, of which detailed planning of all the components and operations within the manufacturing process, and a distinct focus on meeting the delivery times established with clients, stand out as particularly important. That being said, Rectimold’s expertise is what takes our processes to the next level, meaning that as well as conducting high-precision mould design, we can also rectify or conduct maintenance work on any type of mould brought to us.

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