High Precision Moldmakers
The mold industry has a long tradition in Portugal, and our country already belongs to the list of the most important manufacturers worldwide.

Currently, there are about 515 mold companies, mostly located in the area of Marinha Grande, Leiria and Oliveira de Azeméis.

In what concerns molds for plastic injection, Portugal is in the 8th place worldwide and 3rd place at the European level, exporting 80% of its production essentially to Spain, Germany, France, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, among others.

2017 was a year of reference for this industry in particular, having reached 675 million euros in exports.

Besides contributing to the creation of more jobs, there are still many factors behind the success of the mold industry, namely the objective planning of the production, the quality control, the concern with modernizing equipment, as well as the investment in professional training.

This is exactly why Rectimold has managed to distinguish itself from all others. Its vast experience and know-how, the rigorous compliance of deadlines, as well as the adjustment to the specific needs of each client, have been fundamental to its evolution and respective growth.

In line with the production for the automotive industry, Rectimold has also invested in other areas, such as electronics, aeronautics, military and medical. By involving other areas, it is able to, on one hand, ensure a constant work volume throughout the year; and, on the other hand, specialize in the production for other types of industry.

By always being attentive to the evolution and needs of the market, Rectimold has long been considered a renowned company in the precision mold sector, accepting and overcoming new challenges, which leads to the commitment of more clients.

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Source: Cefamol (2018): “Mold industry exports beat new record in 2017”

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