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Indústria de moldes e o seu percurso em Portugal
When we think of modern history’s greatest inventions, cars, planes and computers spring to mind among other revolutionary creations. However, none of these would have been possible had it not been for the mould industry.


The industry’s roots stretch back to 1872, with the creation and patenting of the first moulding machine by John and Isaiah Hyatt in the United States. 71 years later, it arrived in Portugal, brought by Aníbal Henriques Abrantes, who would produce the first injection mould in Marinha Grande.


Over time, the industry has attracted more and more attention from investors, who began to open their own companies, both in Marinha Grande and Oliveira de Azeméis, providing the mould industry with substantial supplies.


Gradually, demand began to outweigh supply, opening doors for Portuguese companies to operate in the international market. However, the size and complexity of the industry led to a need arising for an industry representative. And so it was that CEFAMOL (the Portuguese Association for the Mould Industry) was founded in 1969, aiming to promote Portuguese moulds abroad and representing the sector in negotiations with governments and other official organisations. The association performed exceptionally, leading, 11 years later, in 1980, to Portugal beginning to export its moulds to over 50 countries. Since then, numbers have continued to rise.


Portugal is currently the 8th largest global producer of moulds and the 3rd largest in Europe, exporting to more than 90 countries, with the automotive sector being the most significant client. Despite the slowdown caused by the reduction in car production, the industry sought to adapt, and companies switched to supplying other sectors such as electronics, telecommunications, aeronautics, medical devices and energy, among others.


In fact, the industry’s remarkable adaptability, investment in technology, and strict quality controls were, and continue to be, crucial elements that contribute to high performance in this very demanding market, of which Rectimold is a part. As such, the company will continue to seek to consolidate its presence in the market, writing new chapters for its future.

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