High Precision Moldmakers
The evolution of the global market and the increasing competition in the Mold Industry makes it face the challenge of reducing the mold delivery deadlines, always maintaining the same level of quality required. Thus, companies seek to be more competitive, productive and cooperative, so as to maximize their presence in the mold market.

Although the companies in this area are in constant evolution, the data management arising from different projects is often forgotten. In the present paradigm, almost all data resulting from the development, production and subsequent testing are frequently duplicated and confused unnecessarily. In this sense, companies do not have the necessary response capacity in what concerns changes and improvement of their productive process, remaining constrained in the decision making and continuous improvement.

Due to the great complexity of the mold manufacturing, the number of respective data from each project has increased, which makes its management more complicated. However, good management may reduce the data control time and mold manufacturing.

The implementation of continuous improvement systems, such as the Kaizen and Lean models, helps to perfect the manufacturing system, improving work practices, thus making companies more efficient. This way, the business sector is increasingly investing in the data control and management.

In the same way, Rectimold has been investing consistently in data management systems so as to manufacture molds that satisfy their clients’ demands.

Manufacturing molds of high quality, which conform to the necessary requirements and comply with deadlines, will always be a main concern for Rectimold.


Source: Mould data management in plastic injection mould industries, Taylor & Francis Online

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