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Rectimold Jantar Natal 2019

To celebrate a season as special as Christmas, Rectimold has kept to its tradition, by celebrating the occasion with a magnificent dinner! And, as always, the celebration was awaited enthusiastically by eager attendees: A family occasion that for years has been characterised by friendship, joy and the spirit of unity that defines the company!  More than a simple dinner, a sense of unity and companionship is always felt among management and employees alike, as they enjoy spending time together in a more relaxed environment.

More than anything, the Rectimold 2019 Christmas Dinner brought fun and good cheer, during which countless professional and personal experiences were shared among those present. It was, once again, a dinner that will surely be remembered for the loud laughter, the good food and, of course, the all-important exchange of presents!

Undoubtedly, in addition to deepening the strong ties felt by the entire team, our Christmas dinner was yet another valuable contribution to the strong dynamic of the company as a whole!

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