High Precision Moldmakers
The global pandemic we have been facing in recent times has undoubtedly made us question the concept of what is “normal”. We’ve had to overhaul our routines completely, both in our professional and personal lives. While many companies closed to respect the state of emergency declared in many countries, those that stayed open had to change the way in which they operated.

The mould sector was no exception! The current circumstances have aggravated the uncertainties, changes and volatility that hang over our industry. The challenge we face is now even more significant than before, as it includes adapting to other ways of structuring our work. Our sector is one that, like so many others, is having to adapt to a completely unexpected scenario.

The social distancing measures implemented forced Rectimold, a company that has been in business for over 30 years, to undergo a complete restructuring and introduce new procedures. Though we kept our doors open, some of our employees were able to work from home. Meetings held over video calls have become a part of our operations, all to ensure we don’t stop completing our tasks and meeting deadlines, but, above all, to make sure we keep the spirit of unity and cohesion alive, as a team. Although visits to suppliers and customers have been cancelled, we’re still keeping in touch via phone calls and using the digital means available to us. The production department has remained operational, with each section respecting safety procedures and distances. All orders received are kept in a separate “quarantine” location for further disinfection. And of course, we’ve been keeping everyone as safe as possible! In addition to providing masks, gloves and disinfectants, the company regularly measures the temperature of each employee. As for cleaning services, these are provided by a specialised external team that guarantees the entire area is disinfected.

In fact, it has been by never losing our focus and ensuring we are continuously dedicated to the tasks and projects at hand that Rectimold continues to achieve its goals. A collective effort that highlights the critical role played by company leaders in their constant motivation and encouragement of our teams.

Whether they’re working from home or are present in the company itself, we know that each Rectimold employee is continuing to pull together, united and determined and striving to meet the same goals. Despite not knowing when the pandemic will come to an end, Rectimold has refused to be left behind, trying to adapt itself, in the best way possible, to the particularly difficult circumstances faced, the world over.

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